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Selling Your Strengths to Get the Residency You Want | Nurse Residency Programs

Selling Your Strengths to Get the Residency You Want

January 18, 2013 8:48 pm

Throughout your life, and throughout nursing school, you developed extremely strong skills. Even though you shared classes with your peers, you all developed different levels of skills that pertain to where you want your career to go, and what you are comfortable with. This can be used to your advantage in many ways.

When applying for a job, it is important to remember that there could be hundreds of other applicants for the same position. It is important to ensure that you stand out and that you are recognized, in a good way of course. You must be willing to do research, customize your resume, and put in the effort to highlight your personality, both on paper and in person.

Building the Perfect Resume

Building a resume you can be proud of will help you land the position of your dreams. You should choose a resume style that allows you to properly display your skills, and what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates. The skills that you display do not only have to be what you learned in college. They can be your years of customer service, your ability to handle patients that are less than desirable, or your ability to multi-task efficiently. In today’s world, you should outline your computer abilities in your skill sets.

The Interview Process

Before you go for an interview, research the company. The little details that you know about them are great attention getters. How long a company is in business, what type of company they are, what their mission is, these can all help land you the job.

During the interview, make sure that you are emphasizing what a great fit you are for the position. Let your confidence show, and be friendly. It is important that they see how personable you are and how easy you are to get along with.

The Importance of a Resume and Thank You Card

One of the most important factors in getting a job is building a great resume. This is because even after the interview is over, they still have that paper in front of them to remind them.

A thank you card can keep you in mind longer. A few days after your interview, send a thank you card to the person that interviewed you. With a lot of candidates fighting for one position, it can be easy for a face to slip their mind. Sending a thank you card that outlines your interview will bring you back to the top of the pile.

Make a Phone Call

If you can’t send a thank you card, make a phone call. Simply calling your potential employer shows that you are interested in the position and have the drive to go for it. Your voice will bring back the interview and the recruiter will be able to remember what a great fit you are. This has the potential to send your resume back to the top of the stack and give them another chance to review your skills.

Keeping Yourself Fresh in the Employer’s Eye

Although should make contact with a potential employer, you should always ensure that you are not making too much contact. There is a fine line between contact and being a nuisance. Do not cross the line, Crossing the line will ensure that you do not get the job that you are aiming for.

Creating the right level of contact can actually show your employer an additional level of skill in your ability to communicate effectively and on the right level with contacts in your work environment.