The Right Time to Focus on Your Nurse Residency Program

The Right Time to Focus on Your  Nurse Residency Program

December 29, 2012 5:12 pm

Many nursing students wonder when the right time to focus on your residency is. The right time to focus on your residency is when you first begin class. It is important to plan ahead and develop your goals early. This will give you a chance to determine what your focus should be while you are in school. It will also help you gain letters of recommendation that will aim you in the right direction.

Your residency is a chance to learn many things that your specific patients will benefit from and will allow you to provide the best of care in regular and emergency situations.


Developing Your Residency Plans While You are In School

Developing your residency plans while you are still in school can be a great help in developing the skills you will need to successfully enter the position you desire when you exit school. You do not have to start planning immediately, but once you get into your core classes, you will be able to feel what is right and where your future is going.


How Your Residency Plans Effect Your Studying

Your residency plans can actually help you determine the best course of action when it comes to your studies.  They will help you decide what your weak points are in your skills and compare them to your future goals. This will ensure that you are properly trained in your desired focus, and guarantee that you will be a strong competitor in the work force.

Planning your residency can also help you narrow down your list of studies. You will know what to focus the most on to ensure that you develop top quality skills for your patients.


How Your Residency Affects Your Job Outlook

Typically, employers will pay special attention to where you spent your residency.  They will want to ensure that your skills are a great fit for the position you are entering into and that you will benefit them and complement your coworkers. This is why you should always choose to complete your residency in the specialty that you will want to work in. Of course, you will have a chance to cross over into other specialties later down the road, but an initial focus will greatly help your chances of landing the career of your dreams.


Your Residency Gives You the Power to Choose Your Future

If you feel that your education and your life are out of your control, your residency gives you the power to choose your future. Your future is in your control and can be greatly influenced by your residency. It is a chance for you to say, “This is what I want to be.” It gives you the chance to choose a specialty, and to focus on a specific aspect of nursing that interests you the most. It has been proven many times over, that if you work in a specialty that interests you, you have a greater chance of success and will enjoy your career a lot more. Choosing a career that you enjoy, will dramatically affect how well your patients are cared for.

The Power to Choose More Than One Residency

Many colleges offer you the chance to choose more than one residency. This allows you to split your time into two different specialties. If you choose interrelated specialties, you will have a greater knowledge of the task at hand and increase your ability to care for your patients without having to confer with other nurses. This allows you to respond to emergencies faster and with greater accuracy.