Children’s Memorial Hospital RN Internship Program Chicago Illinois

Children’s Memorial Hospital RN Internship Program Chicago Illinois

RN Internship Program (New graduate orientation) The Children’s Memorial Hospital RN Internship Program is an innovative transitioning approach to prepare nurses for a rewarding career in the care of children and families. Built on the belief that a nurturing learning environment facilitates a sense of belonging and acceptance, this program will provide guided classroom learning, […]

RN Internship Program (New graduate orientation)

The Children’s Memorial Hospital RN Internship Program is an innovative transitioning approach to prepare nurses for a rewarding career in the care of children and families.

Built on the belief that a nurturing learning environment facilitates a sense of belonging and acceptance, this program will provide guided classroom learning, precepted relationships, RN transitioning sessions, clinical exchange experiences and mentors to support practice excellence. The program invests in Children’s Memorial commitment to create a culture of inclusion and promise to provide employees with resources for professional development.

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RN Internship Program: Five components

1. Individualized preceptor orientation

The nursing preceptor assists RN interns in learning clinical skills and developing team relationships. The preceptor guides the RN intern in learning nursing responsibilities and becoming a member of the health care team.

2. Clinical exchange opportunities

The clinical exchange opportunities support the RN intern’s development of a holistic approach to pediatric nursing care. This will be accomplished by rotating to multiple patient care areas specific to their patient population, enabling the RN intern to learn the patient experience first hand and build working relationships throughout Children’s Memorial Hospital.

3. RN Transitioning sessions

The RN transitioning group discussions offer the RN intern a safe, confidential environment in which experiences are shared. By connecting with peers the RN intern will learn coping skills in adjusting to a new profession. The RN intern can also learn skills to balance work/life stress.

4. Pediatric nursing classes

  • RN interns attend integrated clinical classes throughout the first year of employment
  • Classes focus on specialty pediatric nursing assessment, skills and knowledge
  • Learning techniques include lecture, discussion, skills practice and patient simulation scenarios
  • Emergency management skills are developed through pediatric advanced life support and/or neonatal resuscitation classes

5. Clinical mentor

The mentor helps the RN intern gain confidence to successfully adjust to the demands of the staff nurse position in the first year. The mentor shares career stories and gives insights for balancing work/life priorities. The mentor guides the RN intern’s assimilation into his or her first professional nursing position.

“They went above and beyond, making certain … to keep us posted on our son”s progress.”

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements of the program?

  • Candidates must hold a degree from an accredited Registered Nursing program
  • Candidates must have passed the NCLEX exam and possess a current RN license in the State of Illinois prior to the start date of the program
  • Commitment to a career in pediatric nursing

When does the RN Internship program begin?

Please Note:  Due to the high volume of candidates, we strongly recommend applying early.

Program start dates:

o March 7, 2011

o August 8, 2011

o October 10, 2011

When should I apply?

Summer graduates should begin researching positions and applying as early as March/April for the August & October start dates.  Winter graduates should begin this process in November/December for the March start date.  Please check the website on a weekly basis for job postings.

How do I apply to the RN Internship Program?

To apply to our program, applicants must first register online using our website to create a profile and resume.  Information needed to register includes:  name, phone number, e-mail address, password, and address.  Information needed to create a resume includes:  educational history, employment history, special skills/credentials, and license/certification information.  Candidates with a resume may copy and paste the information from their resume into the application form.

Please note: As a new graduate nurse, you will qualify only for those nursing job postings titled Registered Nurse – New Graduate.

Candidates interested in the PICU and OR are required to complete a two hour shadowing experience as a part of the interview process.

Each nursing unit that is currently hiring new graduates at that time will have a job posting on the website that you may apply to.  (If there is no job posting for a particular unit this indicates they are no longer accepting applications at this time.)

Job postings will be removed from the website after a sufficient number of qualified applicants have applied – please apply early to ensure consideration.  Job postings may be re-posted at a later time if a larger candidate pool is needed.

When will I know if my application has been received?

Candidates receive an automated email response confirming receipt of application for the particular job that was applied to.  It also confirms a list of all recent applications you’ve submitted.  A further email notification will also be sent to you regarding the status of your application throughout the selection and hiring process.  For further information on how to apply, please see FAQs on our main Job page.

What does the interview process entail?

The interview process will include an interview with the Nurse Recruiter in Human Resources, as well as a Department interview and possible shadow experience on the unit.

The documents required on the day of the interview include two copies of your current resume, nursing degree or official transcripts showing proof of graduation, and three sealed letters of recommendation (Clinical Instructors preferred.)

How long is the RN Internship Program and orientation for each area?

The RN Internship program is a year-long program integrated into the orientation for each clinical area.

  • Medical/Surgical Units: 4 months
  • Resource Team: 5 months
  • Critical Care/ED: 6 months
  • Operating Room: 12 months

After successful completion of orientation, Interns will transition into a RN staff role.

Tips to consider before you apply:

  • Think about your top two or three areas and limit your application to those areas
  • Request a shadow experience for those areas that you are invited to interview with
  • Consider obtaining a clinical experience or practicum through your school in your area of interest, especially for ICU areas
  • While enrolled in school, consider applying for our SNA Program to gain further experience

Children’s Memorial Hospital is an ANCC Magnet recognized hospital.

What our nurses say…

“I started as a new graduate in the PICU at Children’s Memorial Hospital a little over a year ago. Everyone on this unit has been very helpful in making my first year of nursing a very memorable and rewarding experience. The preceptors were very knowledgeable and the orientation program that was offered was very beneficial.”
—Michele, PICU

“I have been a nurse at Children’s Memorial for four years. This is the only place I have ever wanted to work as a nurse. The philosophy of nursing here is family-centered care, meaning that we view each patient and family as a distinct unit. We individualize patient care and focus on the whole patient, not just the illness…The nursing philosophy at Children’s Memorial Hospital has enabled me to grow both personally and professionally in understanding how to assist families in times of crisis.”
—Julia, Hematology/Oncology

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