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Dameron Hospital (California) Nurse Residency Program | Nurse Residency Programs

Dameron Hospital (California) Nurse Residency Program

Dameron Hospital (California) Nurse Residency Program

Dameron Hospital invites you to join the Versant RN Residency Program in California which began March 2010. The Versant RN Residency Program is an 18-week comprehensive education and training system designed specifically to transition newly graduated registered nurses from students to safe and competent professional practitioners. Integrated into a hospital’s education structure, the Versant RN Residency Program […]

Dameron Hospital invites you to join the Versant RN Residency Program in California which began March 2010. The Versant RN Residency Program is an 18-week comprehensive education and training system designed specifically to transition newly graduated registered nurses from students to safe and competent professional practitioners.

Integrated into a hospital’s education structure, the Versant RN Residency Program includes guided clinical experience, instructor led core curriculum, a formal mentoring program, debriefing/self-care sessions and 360 degree evaluation.

The Versant RN Residency Program is the perfect bridge “from knowledge to knowing” for the new registered nurse graduate.

How to Apply


You are eligible for the RN Residency Program if you are a new grad or an RN with less than one (1) year experience. New grads must have an RN license prior to the start of the RN Residency Program.

Application Process

For further questions, please contact the recruiters at (209) 944-5550, extension 7453 or Email m.oliva@dameronhospital.org

For more on Versant click here.

For generations Dameron Hospital has been the choice for our Stockton community, providing committed health care for neighbors and families since 1912. Today we’re one of the largest employers in San Joaquin County – proudly independent, not-for-profit, and community-based.


Over the years Dameron Hospital has developed a comprehensive collection of health care services. In addition to the full services of an acute care general hospital, we also offer the close-knit atmosphere of a community hospital. Some of our major health care service departments include:

Having a baby is an exciting event and we make every effort to make the experience as relaxing and pleasant as possible. That pleasant experience begins early with a special “Stork Tour” of our facilities for expectant parents. A variety of classes are available to help prepare for the new arrival. We encourage the father or primary support person to participate and we invite that person to have a part in the labor and delivery process. Rooming-in for mom and the new baby is available upon request.

It is the philosophy and objective of the Surgery Department to render quality patient care. The department provides a facility that is well-equipped and immediately available to meet the needs of the surgical patient. The following specialties are emphasized:

General Surgery
Open Heart
Plastic Surgery
Ear-Nose and Throat Surgery
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

When it’s possible to do so without neglecting the welfare and safety of the scheduled patient, priority is given to patients who need emergency services. A skilled, competent and well-organized nursing staff is provided to function as members of the surgical team. The Department of Anesthesia is staffed by qualified Anesthesiologists to provide a professional support system to the surgeon.

Rehabilitation Services
The Department of Rehabilitation Services, located in a newly remodeled, state-of-the-art facility located across the street at 420 West Acacia Street, helps our patients achieve the greatest possible recovery of function. Our physical therapy services offer a wide range of procedures and modalities utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Our occupational therapy services assist patients in regaining their full functional potential and independence in self care and work skills as well as restoration of upper extremity strength, coordination, range of motion, endurance and mobility. Our speech therapy services provide evaluation and treatment programs for disorders of voice, articulation, fluency and swallowing. Click here for a print brochure.

We also have a work-health program which focuses on prevention of workplace injuries as well as physical rehabilitation of injured workers. Our therapists also provide home health services for patients who would benefit more from rehabilitation in a home environment.  Click here for a print brochure.

The Rehabilitation Services now offers a Women’s Continence Clinic, programs for bladder and pelvic floor health.  Although incontinence affects millions of women, many women never receive treatment because they were embarrassed about discussing the problem with a physician.  Click here for a print brochure.

Diagnostic Services
Proper diagnosis is the first step toward health recovery. Dameron Hospital uses state-of-the-art equipment and methods to make diagnosis as fast, accurate and non-disruptive as possible. Dameron Hospital’s Radiology department is a full-service diagnostic imaging department which includes X-ray, Ultrasound, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and a new state of the art.

Dameron Hospital provides the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging services available. As of January 2008 the CT department has been working out of the mobile scanner located on the ambulance bay. During this time, construction has been taking place within the Radiology department to provide us with a beautiful new CT suite.

Tom Beck, RT, Director and Patti Brodehl, CT Supervisor

Dameron Hospital is the proud owner of a Toshiba Aquilion 64 slice CT scanner which is capable of doing all the state of the art scans we have all been hearing about on TV/radio and of course, on Oprah. We have a 3D workstation which will reconstruct the images allowing the physicians to manipulate, measure and study the anatomy in any view or position they prefer. Orthopedic surgeons may use this prior to surgery to plan where to place screws, etc. Vascular surgeons may locate obstructed vessels and find healthy vessels to use for bypass. The more information we can provide the Physicians the better care we can provide our patients.

Also available as nonradiating diagnostic imaging is the Ultrasound Department — specializing in, but not limited to, obstetrics, gynecology and Vascular Studies. Services are available to inpatients and referred outpatients including industrial.

The latest in portable X-ray imaging machines combine to reduce radiation exposure to patients, thereby assuring the best possible patient care.

Other Dameron Hospital Departments specializing in diagnostic procedures are Nuclear Medicine, Cardiopulmonary Laboratory/Respiratory Therapy, Electrocardiography and Stress-testing.

Nutrition Services
The Food Service Department of Dameron Hospital wants to make your meals as enjoyable as possible. Selective menus are provided for those on our regular diet and for most modified diets. Menus to select from are sent with your meal (usually breakfast) and are collected later that same day. Patients choose what they wish to eat the next day.

Food Service also provides a pediatric menu for children two through 18.

Our Food Service staff is available to help you with any special needs. They visit during rounds and upon special request. If your physician prescribes a special diet for you, the Dietician will help you to understand it. If you must follow the diet at home, the Dietician will give you information on what foods to purchase and suggestions on how to prepare the proper foods. If requested, a complete diet instruction can be provided if ordered by your physician.

Outpatient nutrition counseling with a physician referral can be scheduled. Special arrangements can be made with Nutrition Services for a family member to enjoy a meal with the patient. Arrangements should be made in advance by contacting the Food Service Department or the nursing staff on the floor.

The cost of the tray is approximately $5.00, and must be made in advance. The tray will be a selection from the day’s regular menu and will be delivered with the patient trays.

Intensive/Coronary Care
From the time a patient enters the hospital with suspected heart trouble or other critical illness, state-of-the-art equipment and procedures are immediately employed. If admission is necessary, patients are sent to the CVICU/Coronary Care Unit where they are cared for by a specially trained staff.

Emergency Services
Our Emergency Department offers service for both emergencies and urgent primary care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An Emergency Physician is available at all times. In addition, the department is staffed with highly qualified nurses, who maintain certifications necessary to treat both the emergent and non-emergent patient. Sophisticated monitoring equipment is available to aid in the diagnosis and evaluation of victims of severe trauma, possible heart attack, or other life threatening situations. The Emergency Department can also provide treatment for minor, non-life threatening injuries and illnesses.

The Endoscopy Department serves both inpatients and outpatients of all ages; handling procedures related to gastroenterology, pulmonology, transesophogeal echocardiography, stress echogram and cardiology, IV therapy and blood transfusions. Staffing level RN, LVN and technicians.

Social Services
Dameron Hospital offers Medical Social Workers and Discharge Planners who are available to assist you and your family with any psychosocial and/or discharge planning needs which may arise as a result of your illness or disability. The Social Worker or Discharge Planner is available to help you obtain necessary equipment, financial assistance, in home care, home health services or transportation. The Social Workers or Discharge Planners can also assist you, your family and your physician in arranging for rehabilitation placements and long term care, should these services be beneficial to your recovery. Patients will be visited within one day of admission by a member of the Social Service Department. Social Services are available after hours and on weekends for your convenience.

Pathology and Clinical Laboratory
The Dameron Hospital Pathology and Clinical Laboratories combine services to provide comprehensive information to the patient and physician on your state of health, diagnosis and/or treatment of the disease. Your hospital stay may be preceded by a pre-surgical appointment for laboratory testing and followed by additional tests on an outpatient basis. During your hospitalization, skilled laboratorians (pathologists, medical technologists, phlebotomists and technicians) continually assure the quality of testing information communicated to the providers of your care.

Outpatient Surgery
The Outpatient Short Stay Surgery Center is located in the Dameron Hospital Annex. Patients may reduce the cost of surgery by eliminating overnight hospitalization without sacrificing quality medical care. The Alex and Faye Spanos Surgical Pavilion features state of the art medical equipment, as well as a staff that is highly trained in outpatient surgical care.

Cardio-Pulmonary Services
Dameron Hospital has a full staff of Diagnostic and Respiratory Care practitioners that are part of the interdisciplinary patient care team. The Cardio-Pulmonary Departments treat all types of patients, from premature infants, children and adults with respiratory and heart disease. If required the department instruct the patient for home therapy as prescribed by the physician. The Cardio-Pulmonary Department also provides diagnostic services including Pulmonary Function Testing, Echocardiograms and Stress Testing. For further information regarding Cardio-Pulmonary services, ask your nurse or physician.

Neonatal Services – Alex and Faye Spanos Start of Life Clinic
The Division of Neonatal Services provides 24-hour care for infants and families. The Neonatal Division consists of 24 normal newborn beds and 16 Neonatal Intensive Care beds. The Special Care Nursery provides family centered maternity care. Dameron’s Start of Life Center provides 24 hour, 7 days per week neonatology coverage and maintains an active affiliation with the University of California San Francisco Regional NICU and pediatric subspecialties.

special services

Blood & Organ Donation
The supply of blood for patients that is maintained in Dameron Hospital is provided primarily from Delta Blood Bank. Since an adequate supply of blood is vital for our patients, all individuals in the community are urged to donate whenever they are able. Questions concerning blood donation, usage, and replacement should be directed to Delta Blood Bank at (209) 943-3830.

National and state laws now require hospitals to also offer families the option of donating a loved one’s organs and tissues. If you are 18 years of age or older, the process begins with your decision to become an organ and tissue donor, which is established by signing a donor card. On the card you may specify and note whether you intend to donate, which specific organs or tissues you intend to donate, and the name of your next of kin. Your signature completes the donor card requirements. For further information regarding organ and tissue donation, contact the California Transplant Donor Network at (800) 55-DONOR.

You may request to be visited by a member of the clergy. If you specify a particular minister, priest or rabbi in the area, we will gladly make arrangements for the visit.

If you need such assistance, please notify the receptionist at the Information Desk as you enter the Hospital. You should also notify your nurse if you have interpreter needs, the nurse will access the use of interpreters.

Life Line
Life Line – an in-home, voice-to-voice, 24-hour communications system offering security and a human link to those who are living alone or ill – is available to discharged patients. With a touch of a call-button on the unit or on a wearable pendant, the confined person can be in instant contact with someone who can help in an emergency. For more information, contact our Social Service Director at (209) 944-5550 ext. 3528.